We take special pride in producing well socialized
quality collies. We wanted to add this page to give
everyone an idea of how much our collies are
treasured and loved. Enjoy!
Our youngest, Shana with her collie "Tanna"
(R) and Shana again with Jada (L)
Just a few yrs ago.
"Aaron" one of our foundation stud dogs
now retired.
Bottle feeding "Ariana" who now
resides with Bent Oak Collies
Ahhh puppy breath,
wish we could bottle it up!
Me & Stormy
(my bestest buddy!)
Champion Ace as a wee puppy, his very
first place he found to snooze after we
brought him home. R.I.P. Ace we love you!
Hubby, Sam, Stormy & Jada on a hike a few yrs ago.
Our youngest, Shana giving some quality
time to the collies at home (L) and Shana
with Tanna at an obedience show. (R)
Stormy relaxing in the apple orchard
Shana and Tanna at a
lure coursing event
Shana has cookies in her coat pockets :)
Not collies, but still family :)
My nephews Aaron (human)  Sabastian (pictured left) Sabastian went
to the bridge at age 14, love you buddy! And Prince, look at that face!
This isn't a puppy!! Isn't he
precious though? :) He belongs
to a friend.
Meet Divinity! She's the epitome of collie :)
Shana & Stormy, playing hard (L) and resting hard (R)
Shana and Fancy playing (L) Shana and
Tanna getting senior pictures done (R)
They grow up so fast! :(
Yes, Ace was a true Steelers Fan, this
photo was taken New Years Eve 2004
Where's the referee??? Collies playin hard
and havin a good time! :)
"Boo" our kitty is the master groomer when it comes to
putting all that hair back in place after the collies chew
on each other making spit hair :)
And if they've been good collies, they get stuff for Christmas too! :)
One of our oldest daughters, Tasha ( a
few years ago) with Roxi, her JRT
Collies are so versatile, they not only can do tricks, but they can read too!
Passle o' pups or a bunch o' sleepyheads? :)
The  youngins "Mia" and "Glory"  enjoy playing hard ..........then they need to be groomed....
Glory says grooming is for the birds.....
Glory all grown up, she loves to be groomed now
Jordan and Diva are such love birds
Sam and Lacy - 20 yrs. of marital bliss :-)
One of the plaques I made with a photo of Stormy that we
hang inside our home :-)
Sugar was one of the collies who started it all here
at Sweet Collies. Below is her Grandson Cayden...
The End
Stormy clownin around with my bandy :-)
My grandson (Edwin) with Brinkley (a Cruise x Jada son)
"Stormy" givin kisses :-)
One of our past puppies "Spirit" he lives in
Another past puppy "Blessing" she lives in Alabama.
    Havin fun in the snow :-)
Spring has sprung here in Tennessee! 4/23/2010
Grandson Edwin with Stormy takin a break from fishin ;-)
Tanna playin "peek-a-boo" By the way....Tanna LOVES bananas! ;-)
Blessing showing off her profile
Spirit won't be outdone, he had to show off a bit too! ;-)
"Divinity" getting some exercise
"Stormy" talkin, her favorite past time ;-)
"Grace" looking ever so cute!