Important Facts You Need To know Before You Buy A Collie

With the mass information now available on the internet, prospective
buyers may often become confused by conflicting information. The
following represents guidelines to assist the knowledge of recognizing
reputable breeders and is based on the author's sixteen years of experience
in collie breeding and exhibiting as well as experience in collie rescue,
therapy dogs, obedience and collie club activities.

1) Reputable breeders have a solid knowledge of the collie breed standard
of excellence as well as breed specific inheritable issues. Their involvement
revolves around an ethically-based belief of actions in accordance with the
betterment of the breed.

2) Knowing that to attain this goal of betterment of the breed, they must
align themselves with avenues of resources and learning; reputable
breeders are most often members of collie and/or all breed clubs where
they may stay aprised of issues pertaining to the collie.

3) The breeders litters are carefully planned and researched. They will be
able to answer indepth questions about the subsequent generations of the
litter and have a purpose for their breedings other than to just sell
puppies. There will often be a period of wait for one of their puppies as
they are not interested in mass production of puppies as is the case with
indiscriminate breeders who breed often and for profit.

4) Reputable breeders do not use "sales tactics" such as color, sex or the
words "champion lines" to sell their puppies. They recognize their puppies
as living creatures and take their placement in new homes very seriously.
They will more concerned about prospective puppy owners finding the
right dog to fit into their family, no matter who they buy from, rather than
being concerned that the dog is purchased from them. Expect them to want
to know some extensive information concerning prospective puppy buyers.

5)These breeders will not want their puppies going to new homes at too
young of an age, being concerned with their emotional and social issues.

6) Often times dealing in contracts and health guarantees, these things
offer protection to the buyer, seller and to the puppy.

7) Reputable breeders can be recognized by their accomplishments. Be
wary of trusting mere words. Trust more in what the breeders
accomplishments and actions tell you.

8) These breeders will make themselves available to people that purchase
their dogs for assistance long after the dog leaves the breeders home.

9)They will be known as reputable among their peers and have no problem
with offering references if they are asked for.

10) Reputable breeders will furnish an eye check performed by a certified
veterinary ophthalmologist upon purchase of the puppy. Buying a puppy
without an eye check is extremely risky.

***There seems to be some opinion-based information on the internet
regarding C.E.A. If you have concerns or confusion regarding C.E.A., first
check the source of the information, making sure it is fact rather than
opinion based. If need be, ask a veterinary ophthalmologist directly. A
breeder in your area should be able to give you information on the location
of the nearest one. As unless the condition is detached retinas, a collie with
C.E.A. can live a normal healthy life.

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Be aware . . .  That Collies are susceptible to adverse reactions to the
following medications;
Imodium® an anti-diarrheal medicine
Ivermectin used for heartworm prevention and treatment
Deramaxx  a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine for pain
Rimadyl a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine
Multidrug Sensitivities  a genetic mutation can cause Collies to have
problems with a variety of drugs, including many over-the-counter
Please read more on adverse reactions Click here
Please read about C.E.A. (collie eye anomaly)  Click here
History Of Smooth Collies  Click here
What is a Responsible Pet Owner?

A responsible pet owner is someone who helps to keep
pets -- and people -- healthy and happy.

They provide proper care for their pet. This includes food & water, shelter,
veterinary care and love & attention. They protect the health and safety of
their pets and their community. They also prevent their pets from roaming
free and producing unwanted litters.

Questions For Prospective Buyers

Are you aware and fully prepared to physically and
financially take on the responsibility of owning a collie?

Are you aware of the vet care , training, time and effort
it takes to raise a puppy properly?

Are you aware that you must devote your time and care to
the life of a puppy or an adult collie?

Are you aware that collies are a high maintenance breed?

Are you aware of the time it takes to groom a collie?

Are you aware that collies are sensitive and are
happiest when with their people?

Are you aware that collies are known barkers?

Are you aware of collie health issues?

Are you aware of the financial demands for a purebred puppy?

Puppies require round the clock care and attention

Adult collies require the same amount of care and attention

Think before buying or adopting a collie:

Taking care of a pet is a big commitment!

Responsible pet care means providing:

Food (healthy, well-balanced dog food) and Fresh clean water

Shelter (from inclement weather, and from extreme temperatures)

Veterinary Care

Immunization (Rabies, Distemper, Hepititis, Leptospirosis (after 1 yr of age),
Parainfluenza, Parvo, Corona)

Parasite prevention/treatment (against fleas, ticks, worms, etc.)

Elimination access (3-4 times daily for adult dogs, more for puppies)

Grooming (brushing, bathing, etc.)

Exercise, play, socialization and stimulation (backyard exercise is not enough)

Companionship, interaction and affection, as well as being a part of the
family indoors.

Humane treatment & handling

Obedience training (using humane methods)

Be ready to honor that commitment for the life of your pet.

Choose your pet wisely: Avoid picking a pet on impulse. Take some time to
find out about the needs and habits of different breeds and species. Know
what you're getting into. Know your responsibilities: Most communities have
leash laws, licensing and vaccination laws, etc. It's your responsibility to
know and obey these laws. Prepare for your pet's arrival: Have bedding, safe
toys, etc., ready before you bring your pet home. Clear your pet's living area
of poisons, sharp objects, and objects that could be swallowed. Remove any
valuable items the pet could break or ruin. Expect some problems: Even with
the most well-behaved pet, there will be some unpleasant moments. Younger
pets may take a lot of time to train. Be patient, and work to correct your new
pet's bad habits. Think twice: Make sure you're willing and able to provide
proper care for a pet. A neglected pet will be unhappy and make you
miserable too!

Why Should I Learn About Responsible Pet Ownership?

Because only responsible owners can raise well-behaved pets. That is
important for everyone! Pets of irresponsible owners cost taxpayers millions
of dollars for animal control services each year and spread disease. They also
destroy property ranging from shrubs to livestock. The real victims of
irresponsible owners are often the pets themselves. Animal overpopulation,
accidents, neglect and cruelty kill millions of animals each year.

So please do your research, ask questions, please educate yourself on this
wonderful breed before buying or adopting your
collie puppy, adult or rescue.

Lacy Sweet

Reminder....Immodium and Ivermectin products are toxic to Collies!!!!
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